How To Create An Amazing Life

*** This is an AD for Creating An Amazing Life ***
[Do not continue reading if you’re happy with the job you have. It could give you second thoughts… Since you’re still reading: Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Because this post might inspire you to CHANGE your life.]

Life is Art. 🎨 Art is Life. I have created an amazing life for myself. A work of art.

Who’s the Master who taught me how to do this? His name is Jeff Walker. And – right now, he is sharing his expertise in a FREE video series for Online Entrepreneurs.

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As I am writing this, I am sitting at my computer in a tropical garden in Ubud, Bali and enjoying EVERY minute of it. Let me add that I don’t take ANY of this for granted.

Because, I’ve been on the other side.

For many, many years I used to work as a journalist in the main stream media. My employers were large Norwegian media cooperations like TV2, VG and Bergens Tidende. I loved it. Until… I didn’t love it anymore.

In the midst of the finance crisis, approximately 10 years ago today, I decided to quit my job. And restart my life as a FREELANCER.

Why? Anyone who knows me, will know that FREEDOM is my core value. I’m all about FREEDOM, in all shapes, forms and sizes. And I’m constantly on the look out on HOW to create more FREEDOM in my own life.

Jeff Walker is the man who provided me with a roadmap to creating FREEDOM in my work life. In this free video series he will show you how he changed his own life, and the lives of thousands of others – including mine.

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As a journalist, my SUPERPOWER is to research, track down the right people to talk to, interview them, pick their brains, and transform all of that knowledge into an article, a book, a TV interview or a podcast, in order to make this available to more people.

That’s what I’ve done through more than 20+ years as a journalist. And – thats’s what I am doing TODAY, as a writer and entrepreneur.

Do you wanna know what’s the BIG difference in my work life today, compared to when I was a paid staff member in the news room? As an employee, I was not allowed to set my own agenda.

Yeah, of course I could bring ideas into the morning meetings. I could lobby for topics or themes, that in my opinion were valuable for our readers or viewers to learn about.

However – if the idea wasn’t shocking, thought provoking, or negative in one way or the other, it would most likely NOT be accepted.

That’s just a fact. Mainstream media THRIVE on negativity. As soon as I REALLY became aware of this, I understood that I didn’t want to fill my life with negativity from the moment I woke up in the morning, until I went to bed at night.

I’ll admit that being part of the media business in the midst of the Finance Crisis made this fact even more clear to me. I. Just. Could. Not. Take. It. Anymore.

That’s why I decided to focus on POSITIVITY in my work and life as a freelance writer. And – that’s been my main motivation since transitioning my work life to become an Entrepreneur, Business Owner and a CEO.

If you can relate to anything of I’m sharing in the post, then PLEASE don’t miss this opportunity. Just click the link below and find out for yourself the clarity that Jeff Walker might offer you.

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When I became a freelance writer in 2009, I set up the following criteria for myself:

* I would only say YES to projects that would spark my curiosity. 
* I would prioritize projects that would benefits others, in addition to the person or the company that hired me to do the work.
* Last, but not least: I would only write about projects or products, that I myself believed in or that I thought could have value to others.

80 percent of my projects through the first years met all of these criteria. Later, it was closer to 100 percent. No, I don’t even considers project that don’t give me fulfillment.

Following this simple principles, I learnt SO MUCH, from some of the most amazing people in the world of business, non governmental organizations, science and politics.

I would say that Social Entrepreneurship is the ONE topic that I’ve really studied through these years, that combines the BEST from all worlds. <3

Today, LOVE and creating social value is the heart of my business, in addition to freedom, of course. My goal is to let it shine through on everything I spend time on, either i’ts the books I read, the people I surround myself with, or the coaches I work with.

Simply said: This is my mission as a business owner – and as a world citizen: I want to inspire YOU to give yourself the BEST opportunities to create more FREEDOM in your own life – through the work you do, and the lifestyle you choose.

I cannot think of a more important INVESTMENT in my own life, than the time and money I’ve spent on learning from others who have succeeded before me. Jeff Walker is one of them.

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Anyways – what does FREEDOM looks like in real life? In regards to work? For me it shows up like this:

🌍 I am LOCATION free. I can work wherever I want. That’s how I get to travel the world, and take my office with me, just by bringing my phone or my laptop.

⏰ I practice TIME freedom. This means that I choose my own working hours. Because I DO WORK, of course. I work a lot. And – I love it! But, I get to be the master of my own time. If my kids need me, I’m there for them. My schedule is flexible. For me, that means a lot.

💸 I experience FINANCIAL freedom. I have built a system that creates value for others on a consistent basis, which in return creates value me and my business.

🤓 Last, but not least: I have the freedom to CHOOSE the people I want to work with. That was the privilege that came with going from being a FREELANCE to embracing the responsibility that comes with being an Entrepreneur, Business Owner and CEO. I can’t do this alone. I need a team. So, over the last couple of years, I have built my own DreamTeam. Yes. It is a dream come true…

Since HONESTY and transparency is another CORE value in my business, I will repeat the disclaimer I included on the top of this post:

And as you’ve already noticed: This is and AD for Jeff Walker. Why is this? Well, let me tell you…

* I’ve been a Jeff Walker-student since November 2016, when I signed up for his program called Product Launch Formula.
* In October 2017 I went “all in” and became a member of his amazing Launch Club.
* In November 2018, I was chosen as 1 of 10 finalists for the Launch Club Spokesperson Competition. You can find a recording of my speech at Launch Con here:

And, this year, I’m stepping it up as an affiliate for Jeff Walker. This means that I am going to make an effort to promote his method to as many people as possible.

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Because I believe that Jeff Walker actually provides business owners with the tools and strategies, to make a bigger impact in this world.

Because, I truly believe that Entrepreneurs With a Heart can make this world a better place.

Because, I want to be one of those entrepreneurs. Do you want to join? Start by checking out Jeff Walker’s work, and learn how you can turn your passions and superpowers into a sustainable business.

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Let’s change the world. One Person At A Time. And – let’s do this together.

ps. In case you wonder why I’ve started writing in English, after blogging in Norwegian about being a freelancer for 10 years, it simply a reflection of the life I’m living now. I’m part of an international community of amazing entrepreneurs, and I believe in sharing knowledge and experience, across borders. So – if you are a Norwegian native, please excuse my French. Or, excuse my English, that is…


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